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SHMHA Frequently Asked Questions created Sept 12

South Huron Minor Hockey Association (SHMHA) recognizes that leading up to and during any hockey season there can be a number of questions that arise for parents and players about the new season. In particular, with Provincial Hockey Associations (OWHA/OMHA), Public Health Agencies, and Municipalities introducing a variety of new safe return and COVID policies, SHMHA is attempting to answer your most pressing questions in this Question and Answer document. SHMHA will work to provide answers in this document to the most common questions received for the betterment of supporting all families. Please continue to refer back to this document as new questions and new information becomes available.


Q: Why are there two refund dates for families wishing to withdraw their child from hockey?

A: Minor hockey recognizes some families, as a result of provincial and public health vaccine requirements, may choose to pull their child from the sport. In order to support those decisions minor hockey has made the policy known to families as soon as possible and is offering a full refund.

As the season is very close to launching and team selection is underway, SHMHA also needs to ensure participation numbers are known as soon as possible to operate the Association and to ice the appropriate teams, adjust ice schedules if needed, and support members and participating families. As such, those that opt-out after the full refund date are treated the same as any “typical” year refund process.


Q: Why did SHMHA create a COVID Vaccine policy?

A: SHMHA is required to implement the Ontario Minor Hockey Association policy, and when it is released, the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association policy. SHMHA also considers advice and direction from the Huron Perth Public Health Unit and the Municipality of South Huron when it comes to Health and Safety protocols and arena usage.


Q: If my child is not eligible for a vaccine because of their age, am I required to be vaccinated for them to play the sport?

A: A child born in 2010 or later is not required at this time to be vaccinated, and they can play if their parent or guardian is also unvaccinated. At this time there is a recommendation from the Health Unit to limit access to dressing rooms to only vaccinated individuals over the age of 12. SHMHA is not restricting access to any part of the facility including dressing rooms and instead will follow Municipal policy direction.  Parents may want to plan for ways to dress their child(ren) under the age of 12 if the parent is unvaccinated in case policies change.


Q: Do I need to be vaccinated to help with Minor Hockey

A: Yes.

All minor hockey officials including the members of the Executive must be vaccinated. As per the OMHA policy, this means that volunteers, time keepers, coaching staff, referees etc must be vaccinated. SHMHA teams and team managers often assign a schedule to parents for helping with the timekeeper and score keeping duties, these must be completed by vaccinated individuals.


Q: Are parents considered volunteers?

A:  Yes.

All SHMHA families are required to support the organization through volunteer hours during tournaments. SHMHA as part of the Proof of Vaccination process will be tracking the number of parents/guardians that are not vaccinated and will determine next steps related to volunteering opportunities, roles, and bond cheques.


Q: What if a vaccine for those born after 2010 is introduced part-way through the season and I do not want them to receive it? Could I get a refund at that time?

A: SHMHA is working in alignment with our governing bodies and with the information available on a day to day basis. There is no indication at this time that mid-year changes would occur, but if they do, the SHMHA executive will work quickly to provide direction and clarity to families.

(NEW* Updated September 13, 2021):

Team Managers will be verifying proof of vaccinations for parents/guardians including bench staff once teams are selected and finalized.


Q: Are parents considered volunteers?

A: Yes.

All SHMHA families are required to support the organization through volunteer hours during tournaments. SHMHA as part of the Proof of Vaccination process will be tracking the number of parents/guardians that are not vaccinated and will determine next steps related to volunteering opportunities, roles, and bond cheques.


(NEW* Updated September 13th, 2021)

Q: Is there is a limit on the number of people allowed inside the South Huron Rec Centre (Exeter Arena)?

A: Currently the Municipality has set the limit at 500 people. We urge parents to use their best judgement when attending a minor hockey event and to attend with the bare minimum number of spectators. While there is currently no limit preventing multiple parents or siblings from attending the arena, the Municipality is clear that ALL physical distancing and mask rules must be followed. This means young children are not permitted to be running throughout the space or playing games in open areas. The seating area is for spectating. SHMHA really appreciates your attention to this in order to maintain compliance with the Municipality and their facilities.

*Capacity at Stephen Arena is not known at this time

(NEW: Updated September 22, 2021)

Q: The Municipal policy says those that are actively participating do not need to provide proof of vaccination if they under the age of 18. What if a friend, relative, or sibling who is over 12yrs of age comes to watch someone playing, do they need proof of vaccination to get in?

A: Yes.

The Municipality of South Huron exempts those actively participating in the sport under the age of 18 from having to show proof upon entry. If a sibling over the age of 12 is coming to the arena with you, or a friend over the age of 12 is coming to watch a game, they will be asked by a volunteer to show proof of vaccination.


Q: Why are minor hockey volunteers or parents being asked to screen people at the door and check their vaccination status and not Municipal staff? Does that cause privacy concerns?


A: No personal information is being collected or shared by volunteers or SHMHA. Unlike most other municipalities, South Huron has decided not to use staff or contracted services to monitor the entry into their building. User groups of the facility are required to take this on. Your patience and support to these volunteers is appreciated.

If you would like to offer your assistance as a volunteer please email [email protected]