Schedule & Results, Silver Stick, 2011-2012 (South Huron Minor Hockey)

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Friday, December 2, 2011
ATOM RR A18:00 AMExeter Lambeth Lancers4-1Tavistock Titans
ATOM RR A28:00 AMStephen Mount Brydges Cougars12-2Goderich Sailors
ATOM RR A38:00 AMHensall Petrolia Oilers8-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
ATOM RR A49:05 AMExeter Strathroy Jr. Rockets3-1Ayr Flames
ATOM RR A59:05 AMStephen St. Marys Rock2-5Ilderton Jets
PEE WEE RRP19:05 AMHensall Strathroy Rockets5-1St. Marys Rock
PEE WEE RRP210:10 AMHensall Mitchell Meteors0-4Mount Brydges Cougars
PEE WEE RRP310:10 AMExeter Ilderton Jets1-3Ayr Flames
PEE WEE RRP510:10 AMStephen Lambeth Lancers1-6Lambton Shores Predators
BANTAM RR B111:15 AMStephen Mooretown Storm0-9Strathroy Jr. Rockets
PEE WEE RRP411:15 AMHensall Tavistock Titans1-0Wallaceburg Lakers
PEE WEE RRP611:15 AMExeter Petrolia Oilers0-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
ATOM RR A612:20 PMExeter Goderich Sailors0-4Lambeth Lancers
BANTAM RR B212:20 PMHensall Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-0Ilderton Jets
ATOM RR A712:25 PMStephen Tavistock Titans0-9Mount Brydges Cougars
ATOM RR A81:25 PMHensall Ayr Flames3-5Petrolia Oilers
ATOM RR A91:25 PMExeter Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-11Strathroy Jr. Rockets
ATOM RR A101:30 PMStephen West Lorne Comets2-5St. Marys Rock
MIDGET RR (XOVER)M12:30 PMHensall Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-1Lambton Shores Predators
PEE WEE RRP72:30 PMExeter St. Marys Rock0-3Mitchell Meteors
PEE WEE RRP112:35 PMStephen Lambton Shores Predators5-0Belmont Rangers
PEE WEE RRP83:35 PMExeter Mount Brydges Cougars1-3Strathroy Rockets
MIDGET RR (XOVER)M23:40 PMHensall Caledonia Thunder2-2Strathroy Jr. Rockets
PEE WEE RRP93:40 PMStephen Ayr Flames5-0Tavistock Titans
BANTAM RR B34:40 PMExeter Strathroy Jr. Rockets1-2Mount Brydges Cougars
MIDGET RR (XOVER)M34:50 PMHensall Waterford Wildcats2-7Lambeth Lancers
PEE WEE RRP104:50 PMStephen Wallaceburg Lakers1-5Ilderton Jets
PEE WEE RRP125:50 PMExeter Tillsonburg Tornadoes3-3Lambeth Lancers
ATOM RR A115:55 PMStephen Ilderton Jets1-3West Lorne Comets
BANTAM RR B47:00 PMStephen Ilderton Jets6-1Mooretown Storm
PEE WEE RRP137:15 PMExeter Belmont Rangers0-0Petrolia Oilers
BANTAM RR B58:05 PMStephen Mount Brydges Cougars3-0Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Saturday, December 3, 2011
ATOM RR A128:00 AMStephen Ayr Flames5-2Tillsonburg Tornadoes
BANTAM RR B68:30 AMExeter Strathroy Jr. Rockets3-1Ilderton Jets
ATOM RR A139:05 AMStephen Strathroy Jr. Rockets3-3Petrolia Oilers
BANTAM RR B79:40 AMExeter Mooretown Storm4-5Tillsonburg Tornadoes
ATOM RR A1410:10 AMStephen Mount Brydges Cougars6-0Lambeth Lancers
MIDGET RR (XOVER)M410:50 AMExeter Lambton Shores Predators6-1Waterford Wildcats
ATOM RR A1511:15 AMStephen Goderich Sailors2-1Tavistock Titans
MIDGET RR (XOVER)M512:00 PMExeter Lambeth Lancers0-2Caledonia Thunder
BANTAM RR B812:20 PMStephen Ilderton Jets1-3Mount Brydges Cougars
MIDGET RR (XOVER)M61:10 PMExeter Strathroy Jr. Rockets2-2Tillsonburg Tornadoes
BANTAM RR B91:30 PMStephen Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-3Strathroy Jr. Rockets
PW ELIM P142:20 PMExeter Lambeth Lancers0-3Mount Brydges Cougars
ATOM ELIM A162:40 PMStephen Petrolia Oilers4-5St. Marys Rock
PW ELIM P153:25 PMExeter Belmont Rangers0-2Ilderton Jets
ATOM ELIM A173:45 PMStephen Ilderton Jets4-2Lambeth Lancers
PW ELIM P164:30 PMExeter Wallaceburg Lakers2-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
ATOM ELIM A184:50 PMStephen West Lorne Comets0-9Strathroy Jr. Rockets
MIDGET RR (XOVER)M75:35 PMExeter Waterford Wildcats1-2Strathroy Jr. Rockets
PW ELIM P175:55 PMStephen St. Marys Rock3-1Petrolia Oilers
MIDGET RR (XOVER)M86:45 PMExeter Caledonia Thunder0-4Lambton Shores Predators
PW ELIM P187:00 PMStephen Tavistock Titans0-2Mitchell Meteors
MIDGET RR (XOVER)M97:55 PMExeter Lambeth Lancers6-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes
BANTAM RR B108:05 PMStephen Mount Brydges Cougars8-0Mooretown Storm
Sunday, December 4, 2011
PW QTR P198:00 AMExeter St. Marys Rock5-3Ilderton Jets
PW QTR P208:00 AMStephen Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-3Strathroy Rockets
PW QTR P219:10 AMExeter Mount Brydges Cougars1-3Ayr Flames
PW QTR P229:10 AMStephen Mitchell Meteors0-3Lambton Shores Predators
ATOM SEMI A1910:20 AMExeter Ilderton Jets0-8Mount Brydges Cougars
ATOM SEMI A2010:20 AMStephen Strathroy Jr. Rockets2-5St. Marys Rock
MIDG SEMI M1011:30 AMExeter Tillsonburg Tornadoes4-1Lambton Shores Predators
MIDG SEMI M1111:30 AMStephen Lambeth Lancers6-3Caledonia Thunder
PW SEMI P2312:40 PMStephen Lambton Shores Predators1-7Strathroy Rockets
PW SEMI P2412:40 PMExeter Ayr Flames4-2St. Marys Rock
BAN FINALSB111:50 PMExeter Strathroy Jr. Rockets1-2Mount Brydges Cougars
ATOM FINALA213:10 PMExeter St. Marys Rock6-3Mount Brydges Cougars
MIDG FIN M124:30 PMExeter Lambeth Lancers0-5Tillsonburg Tornadoes
PW FINALS P255:50 PMExeter Strathroy Rockets3-2Ayr Flames
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