Schedule & Results, Pink on the Rink Tournament, 2017-2018 (South Huron Minor Hockey)

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Friday, December 8, 2017
AC-RRAc18:00 AMZUR South Huron 0-5Ilderton
BC-RRBBc18:00 AMSHRC Lucan 0-1Ilderton
NHL-RRNhl18:00 AMSTA North Middlesex 2-1South Huron
NHL-RRNhl28:00 AMHEN Lucan 1-1Huron Heat
AHL-RRBAhl19:00 AMZUR Ilderton/Lucan 3-0Walkerton
NC-RRBNc19:00 AMSTA Lucan 3-1Woodstock
PBB-RRPbb19:00 AMSHRC Huron Heat 1-0South Huron
PBB-RRPbb29:00 AMHEN Woodstock 3-3Bluewater
AC-RRAc210:00 AMZUR Huron Heat 0-8TCDMHA
AHL-RRAAhl210:00 AMSTA Mitchell 4-1Kent County
BC-RRABc210:00 AMSHRC South Huron 0-6Sarnia
PHL-RRPhl110:00 AMHEN Mitchell 9-1Lucan
ABB-RRAbb111:00 AMHEN South Huron 1-1Lucan
MC-RRAMc111:00 AMSHRC South Huron 1-4Lucan
NC-RRANc211:00 AMSTA Stratford 0-6South Huron
PHL-RRPhl211:00 AMZUR Grand River 10-1Saugeen Shores
ABB-RRAbb212:00 PMHEN Huron Heat 5-0Mitchell
MC-RRBMc212:00 PMSHRC TCDMHA 0-5Wilmot
NHL-RRNhl312:00 PMSTA Huron Heat 5-1TCDMHA
AHL-RRBAhl31:00 PMSTA Walkerton 0-8Tillsonburg
PBB-RRPbb31:00 PMSHRC Bluewater 0-3Huron Heat
PC-RRPc11:00 PMHEN South Huron 5-1TCDMHA
PC-RRPc21:00 PMZUR Lambton 0-6St Marys
AC-RRAc32:00 PMHEN Ilderton 8-0Huron Heat
AHL-RRAAhl42:00 PMSTA Kent County 2-1TCDMHA
BC-RRBBc32:00 PMZUR Ilderton 3-1TCDMHA
BC-RRABc42:00 PMSHRC Sarnia 4-0Walkerton
MC-RRBMc33:00 PMHEN Ilderton 2-0Huron Heat
MC-RRAMc43:00 PMZUR South Bruce 1-0Lucknow
NHL-RRNhl43:00 PMSTA North Middlesex 7-0Lucan
PC-RRPc33:00 PMSHRC Tillsonburg 3-5Ilderton
ABB-RRAbb34:00 PMSHRC Huron Heat 2-0South Huron
NC-RRANc34:00 PMHEN TCDMHA 8-0Stratford
NHL-RRNhl54:00 PMSTA South Huron 4-1TCDMHA
PBB-RRPbb44:00 PMZUR Haldimand 3-5Woodstock
ABB-RRAbb45:00 PMZUR Lucan 2-2Mitchell
AC-RRAc45:00 PMSHRC TCDMHA 3-1South Huron
NC-RRBNc45:00 PMHEN Woodstock 0-6Mitchell
PHL-RRPhl35:00 PMSTA Lucan 1-5Saugeen Shores
AHL-RRAAhl56:00 PMSHRC TCDMHA 0-5Mitchell
BC-RRABc56:00 PMHEN Walkerton 4-6South Huron
PHL-RRPhl46:00 PMSTA Grand River 1-3Mitchell
AHL-RRBAhl67:00 PMHEN Tillsonburg 3-0Ilderton/Lucan
PC-RRPc47:00 PMSTA TCDMHA 0-6Lucan
SC-RRSc18:00 PMSTA Huron Heat 1-1Belmore
SC-RRSc29:00 PMHEN Exeter 1-2Ilderton
Saturday, December 9, 2017
NHL-RRNhl67:30 AMSTA Lucan 1-2South Huron
PBB-RRPbb57:30 AMSHRC Haldimand 1-2South Huron
NHL-RRNhl78:00 AMHEN Huron Heat 1-4North Middlesex
NC-RRBNc58:30 AMSTA Mitchell 6-0Lucan
PC-RRPc58:30 AMSHRC Ilderton 1-3South Huron
NC-RRANc69:00 AMHEN South Huron 2-1TCDMHA
MC-RRAMc59:30 AMSHRC Lucknow 1-1South Huron
PC-RRPc69:30 AMSTA St Marys 5-0Tillsonburg
PC-RRPc710:00 AMHEN Lucan 4-0Lambton
MC-RRAMc610:30 AMSHRC Lucan 2-1South Bruce
MC-RRBMc710:30 AMSTA Huron Heat 3-1TCDMHA
ABB-RRAbb511:00 AMHEN Mitchell 4-1South Huron
MC-RRBMc811:30 AMSTA Wilmot 3-0Ilderton
PBB-RRPbb611:30 AMSHRC Huron Heat 1-1Haldimand
AC-RRAc512:00 PMHEN TCDMHA 2-1Ilderton
AHL-QFAhl712:00 PMZUR Walkerton 0-5Kent County
PBB-RRPbb712:30 PMSTA South Huron 3-1Bluewater
SC-RRSc312:30 PMSHRC Belmore 0-3Exeter
AC-RRAc61:00 PMHEN Huron Heat 1-3South Huron
AHL-QFAhl81:00 PMZUR TCDMHA 1-0Ilderton/Lucan
BC-QFBc71:30 PMSTA TCDMHA 3-2South Huron
SC-RRSc42:00 PMHEN Ilderton 4-2Huron Heat
NC-QFNc72:30 PMSTA Woodstock 2-5TCDMHA
PHL-RRPhl52:30 PMSHRC Lucan 0-5Grand River
BC-QFBc83:00 PMHEN Walkerton 1-2Lucan
AHL-SFAhl93:30 PMSHRC Kent County 1-5Tillsonburg
PBB-RRPbb83:30 PMSTA Woodstock 2-6Huron Heat
NC-QFNc84:00 PMHEN Stratford 0-11Lucan
AHL-SFAhl104:30 PMSHRC TCDMHA 1-0Mitchell
PC-QFPc84:30 PMSTA Lambton 0-2Lucan
ABB-RRAbb65:00 PMHEN Lucan 1-0Huron Heat
NHL-RRNhl95:30 PMSHRC South Huron 0-0Huron Heat
PBB-RRPbb95:30 PMSTA Bluewater 3-1Haldimand
PHL-RRPhl65:30 PMZUR Saugeen Shores 0-11Mitchell
NHL-RRNhl106:30 PMZUR TCDMHA 0-2North Middlesex
PC-QFPc106:30 PMSTA TCDMHA 0-3South Huron
PC-QFPc96:30 PMSHRC Tillsonburg 1-3Ilderton
BC-SFBc97:30 PMSTA TCDMHA 1-6Ilderton
MC-RRAMc97:30 PMZUR Lucan 0-2Lucknow
PBB-RRPbb107:30 PMSHRC South Huron 2-2Woodstock
BC-SFBc108:30 PMSTA Lucan 0-1Sarnia
MC-RRBMc108:30 PMSHRC Ilderton 5-0TCDMHA
MC-RRAMc118:30 PMZUR South Bruce 3-1South Huron
MC-RRBMc129:30 PMSTA Huron Heat 0-1Wilmot
SC-RRSc59:30 PMSHRC Belmore 2-2Ilderton
SC-RRSc69:30 PMZUR Huron Heat 5-0Exeter
Sunday, December 10, 2017
NC-SFNc108:00 AMSTA TCDMHA 1-7Mitchell
NC-SFNc98:00 AMSHRC Lucan 2-0South Huron
PBB-FPbb119:00 AMSHRC South Huron 0-1Huron Heat
PC-SFPc119:00 AMSTA Ilderton 0-5St Marys
MC-SFMc1310:00 AMSHRC Ilderton 0-1Lucan
PC-SFPc1210:00 AMSTA South Huron 0-4Lucan
MC-SFMc1411:00 AMSHRC South Bruce 0-3Wilmot
NHL-FNhl1111:00 AMSTA South Huron 2-1North Middlesex
PHL-FPhl712:00 PMSTA Grand River 0-2Mitchell
NC-FNc111:00 PMSTA Lucan 0-4Mitchell
AHL-FAhl112:00 PMSTA TCDMHA 1-0Tillsonburg
ABB-FAbb73:00 PMSTA Lucan 0-4Huron Heat
SC-FSc73:00 PMSHRC Huron Heat 1-3Ilderton
AC-FAc74:00 PMSTA Ilderton 1-3TCDMHA
BC-FBc114:00 PMSHRC Ilderton 1-2Sarnia
MC-FMc155:00 PMSHRC Lucan 1-2Wilmot
PC-FPc135:00 PMSTA Lucan 1-0St Marys
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