Policies & Procedures Manual (South Huron Minor Hockey)

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SHMHA Policy & Procedure Manual (last updated April 2022)

Policy # 1 (Player Equipment & Safety):

All registered players must have the following equipment on at all times for any SHMHA on ice related function:
CSA approved helmet (with non-expired date on the helmet)
Mouth guard
Neck guard
Shoulder pads
Elbow pads
Hockey gloves
Jock or Jill
Hockey pants
Shin pads

Policy # 2 (Player Injury & Return To Play):

SHMHA will adhere to the guidelines set out in the OMHA Hockey Trainers Certification Program (HTCP) as can be found at www.hdco.on.ca.  This policy should be understood and administered by SHMHA team training and coaching staff.

Policy # 3 (Disciplinary Committee):

Disciplinary committee will consist of the chairperson, past chairperson, 1
st vice, 2nd vice and the pertinent league representative.  This committee will resolve disputes arising throughout the season, working on behalf of the executive. If a person is dissatisfied with the decision of the disciplinary committee, they may appeal to the executive.  The refusal to comply with the disciplinary committee recommendations will result in further disciplinary action.

How to report an incident:
All incidents must be submitted in writing to the 2
nd vice Chair within 7 days of the event.  The 2nd vice chair will review the complaint with the disciplinary committee within 7 days and a decision must be communicated to both parties within 10 days.  Incidents may be reported when they affect any persons participating in minor hockey.  Incidents may take place in any arena.

Inappropriate conduct and consequences: 

  1. Verbal abuse is the act of directing negative statements toward someone, causing emotional harm. Verbal abuse consists of behaviors that are non-physical, but which can still be rather damaging, such as being threatening, insulting, or humiliating toward someone. This includes bullying, harassment and discrimination.

First offence = warning
Second offence = 1 game suspension
Third offence = 5 game suspension
Fourth offence will result in suspension for the season’s duration and registration will be not be refunded

First offence = warning 1 game
Second offence = removal from coaching for the current season – 1 -5 game suspension
Third offence = removal from coaching and possible notification to OMHA/OWHA and Police

  1. Physical abuse is the intentional act causing injury or trauma to another person.

PLAYER: suspension for the remainder of the season and notification to Police and OMHA/OWHA.  No refund of registration or other fees.

COACH: will result in a lifetime suspension from coaching in South Huron Minor Hockey.  The Police and OMHA/OWHA will be notified of the incident.

  1. Vandalism is the action of deliberate destruction or damage to public or private property.

PLAYER/COACH: suspended until the damages have been paid and there will be no refund of registration or other fees

  1. Any involvement with prohibited substances (including but not limited to alcohol, drugs, and vaping) in any SHMHA team environment is not permitted. 

First offence = 1 game suspension

Second offense=Minimum of 3 game

Third offense =suspension for the season’s duration and registration will be not be refunded

  1. The discipline committee will review any incidences that are not in accordance with the other SHMHA policies.  Consequences will be determined by the committee.

Policy # 4 (Playing Time):

SHMHA is committed to principles of sportsmanship.  This includes making all reasonable attempts to ensure that players receive equal opportunity to contribute towards the team’s success. 

All coaches will attempt to play all players equitably except for the following circumstances:

In the case of discipline of a player by a coach (for example discouraging selfish play), a coach may elect not to play that player for up to one game per occurrence. If the coach feels that further discipline is required then the coach shall contact the coaches committee who shall bring the matter to the disciplinary committee

During the final five minutes of any regular season game, during a power play, during a penalty kill or part of any final game (tournament or playoff series). The coach needs to discuss this exception with parents and players at the beginning of the season.

Policy # 5 (Purchasing Policy):

The executive must  approve all purchases. All purchases will be accompanied by a receipt / invoice and provided to the treasurer. To the extent possible, SHMHA will purchase goods and services from local businesses who currently support or have historically supported SHMHA

Policy # 6 (Remuneration For Volunteers):

SHMHA is a non profit organization. Executive members serve without compensation. As an honorarium the executive members are entitled to receive a season’s pass to any OMHA SHMHA hockey game including play off. 

If executive members incur expenses, they may receive reimbursement. To receive this, the member must submit appropriate receipts to the treasurer and approved by two signing officers of the executive.

Travel expenses will be refunded for required meetings only.  Expenses must be submitted within 60 days of travel but no later than April 30 each year.  Payments will be made semi-annually in December and May.  Submissions must be made electronically to treasurer.  Payment will be based on a $25 flat rate for 60 km or less one way, and .40 cents/km for any trip greater than 60km.

Policy # 7 (Coaches Selection):

SHMHA objectives for coach selection:
Choose the best available coach for all players and all teams.
Ensure that coach selection does not prejudice player selection for any team.

Applications for coaching will be available on-line:
Prior to the end of the current hockey season
On the SHMHA website
By contacting any member of the coaches committee (see Constitution as to committee members)
Only those who have completed the written application form will be considered for position of head coach of any team.

Every attempt will be made by coaching committee members to remove personal bias or opinion from the process. 

The selections shall be made in a timely manner so as to allow the coaches committee to arrange certification or refresher courses for the successful candidates. All selections are presented to SHMHA executive for approval. 
All head coaches have the option to appoint or choose their bench staff (trainers, assistant coaches, managers) after the team is finalized and with final approval by SHMHA executive. Coaches are required to organize practices as set out by the coaches committee.

The SHMHA Executive may consider on a case by case basis, an honorarium for non-parent coaches selected as part of the coach recruitment process. The executive reserves the right to adjust or modify the terms of an honorarium at any time. 

Policy #7 (A)

Coaches selected by the selection committee members for any SHMHA Girls Hockey teams of U9 Minor to U18 Major; will ensure that as part of their bench staff composition, a female trainer is appointed regardless of the identified gender of the head coach.

Teams may have a designated back-up trainer (a parent with an existing and valid trainer’s certificate) of any gender available as a temporary replacement (or borrow one from another team) in the event the primary female trainer is unavailable for a practice or game.

SHMHA is dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable team atmosphere for all players and volunteers and welcome the opportunity for diverse bench staff that reflect the composition of the team.

Policy # 8 (Team Selection Process):

The selection committee will be comprised of a minimum of four (4) independent evaluators with no association with those being evaluated.

Policy # 9 (Police Record Checks):

All officials (coaches, trainers, team managers) as well as executive members will undergo police record checks per OMHA guidelines. Persons who require these checks should review the procedures posted to the SHMHA website under “Police Checks”.
SHMHA cannot guarantee the complete confidentiality of the information obtained. 

Policy # 10 (Evaluations):

To be coordinated between the 1st vice chairperson and the evaluation coordinator. Executive will approve all on ice instructors. On ice coordinators shall make every effort to ensure that all players receive equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills. Players  at Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget levels will be required to select the position for which they are being evaluated.

If more than one local league team is likely for any given division then the selection committee will recommend equally balanced teams be selected.
At the end of the selection process, a list of selected players will be compiled by the selection committee and reviewed by the selection committee for approval. Once a player is chosen for that team then that player cannot be removed from that team roster without consultation with the parents/guardians and the selection committee.
Once team selections have been made, it will be posted on the website on the same day.

A new registrant to SHMHA is entitled to an evaluation of 1-2 skates viewed by at least 3 members of the executive during a practice with a team if:

a) Skater is not part of SHMHA at time of the evaluations for that team 

b) The team trying out for is not a SHMHA max roster (15 players 2 goalies) 

c) Skater has required documents: release, PTS, and/or residence move in place.

Policy # 11 (Affiliation):

Affiliated Players:
Female development or affiliated female players will be governed per the OWHA handbook. The term affiliated below refers to both OMHA and OWHA players:
1. Affiliation per OMHA Manual Of Operations – Rule 7.0
a) No player may be put on an affiliated player list without the consent of that player’s parents or guardians.
b) No player may be used as an affiliated player without the consent of that player’s rostered team management. The rostered team’s management must consent for each game in which that affiliated player is asked to participate.
c) When a conflict exists with an affiliated player’s rostered team schedule consultation will be held with the rostered player’s coach who must give permission for that player to play.
d) Affiliated player’s ice times will be at the discretion of the coach.

Policy # 12 (Player Releases):
SHMHA executive will grant registered representative players an outright release under the following conditions (for either OWHA OR OMHA players):
Resulting from a legitimate change of principle residence
As the result of signing with a higher classified team (ie AA level hockey or above)

Permission to skate forms must have 48 hours minimum notice to be provided.  If less than 48 hours is requested the PTS form will be denied

Policy # 13 (Gate Fee/Admission Policy):

SHMHA will abide by the rules/regulations set out by applicable member leagues as to pricing for admission. There shall be no admission charged to any patron for attendance of any OWHA or WOGHL home games. SHMHA will implement any admission costs set out by the applicable member leagues (OMHA, Shamrock, Lambton Middlesex) that currently have gate fees in place. There shall be no admission charged at any SHMHA games to any member of the SHMHA executive, SHMHA players or bench staff. This policy and the collection of gate fees is subject to change including modification or discontinuation made either by the executive or at the direction of any participating member league.

Policy #14 (Co-Ed Dressing Room Policy/Transgender training)

All members of the executive and bench staff must complete the Gender Identity and Gender Expression training course.  South Huron Minor Hockey has adopted Hockey Canada’s Co-Ed dressing room policy which is as follows:

Hockey Canada firmly believes in accommodating both genders in our great game. We further believe in balancing this goal with the safety, privacy, modesty and wishes of ALL our members without compromising the aspects of camaraderie, social integration and bonding inherent in a team sport. This policy attempts to meet all these goals while providing a safe and respectful environment for our participants.

Hockey Canada stresses the importance of coaches in ensuring both male and female players have equal access to pre and post team sessions and to all team related activities.

Hockey Canada recognizes the physical limitations of some facilities and encourages our members to work with local facility management to ensure that appropriate changing facilities are available to both genders.

Hockey Canada allows co-ed dressing room situations to exist at the Initiation Program, U9 and U11 levels, provided participants are comfortable and adequate steps are taken to respect an individual’s privacy when dressing which may include arriving partly or fully dressed, or wearing clothing that would be common for a physical sport or gymnasium setting.

At the U13 level and above the following conditions will apply in all co-ed team environments: 

Female identified and male identified athletes will change in separate rooms

Players participating shall congregate in one dressing room fully prepared to participate in the game/practice not more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled ice time unless otherwise indicated (to be there earlier) by the coaching staff.

The lesser represented gender shall depart the dressing room not more than 15 minutes after the game/practice unless otherwise indicated (to stay longer) by the coaching staff.

The gender in the majority shall not begin changing, helmets, gloves and skates excepted, prior to the departure of the lesser represented gender.

When necessary, due to facility limitations, showering shall be done in shifts with the gender in the majority showering first. Once the room with shower facilities has been fully vacated the lesser represented gender may use the shower facilities.

It is the belief of Hockey Canada that these provisions adequately address issues of team unity/camaraderie and provide for the modesty/privacy of all participants.

Policy #15 (Confidentiality)

Members of the SHMHA will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement at the start of the season.  Anyone who is found not abiding by this agreement may be asked to resign from the SHMHA executive.  Confidentiality policy will be enforced when information discussed is directly related to a specific player, coach, or member.

Policy #16 (Conflict of interest)

SHMHA defines a conflict of interest as a situation in which a person has a private or personal interest sufficient enough to appear to influence the objective or exercise of his or her official duties as an executive or committee member.

Any person or executive member that has knowledge of conflict of interest should disclose the conflict and/or remove themselves prior to any discussion or voting.

Any person or executive member having a conflict of interest will not vote or use his or her personal influence on the matter and will not be present when the matter is discussed.

The meeting minutes will reflect that a conflict of interest was either disclosed or enforces and the person(s) were absent from voting.

A conflict of interest arises when a decision is to be made that involves a relative of and/or an executive or committee member.

The following are examples of what a conflict of interest might be:

Disciplinary actions (ie: of a coach, parent, player or executive member)

Risk assessment and player movement

Coaching Selection

A vote involving an executive member(s) team 

Policy #17 (Refunds)

Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis and amounts determined as laid out in each season's registration package. See Registration for additional details.

Policy #18 (On Ice Help)

It is the intent of South Huron Minor Hockey Association (SHMHA) to see all teams operating with a qualified and certified coaching staff and where needed, supported by additional On-Ice Helpers (volunteers) during practice sessions.

All Minor Hockey teams must have a coach on the ice with them during all practice times and a trainer present. Minor Hockey players will not be allowed on the ice unsupervised. Only those players on the team roster for which the practice is scheduled may be on the ice and must follow the player equipment requirements (See Policy #1)

If a team chooses to use additional on-ice helpers during their practices, they must ensure that adult helpers have a valid police check, have taken Respect in Sport Activity Leader and be rostered to a SHMHA team or on the Volunteer At-Large List.

All team officials and other personnel who are helping with on-ice activities must wear a certified helmet properly fastened while on the ice. For insurance purposes, there can be no exceptions.

Volunteer help from other SHMHA players must be approved by the Executive in advance and be at least in their first year of U13 or four (4) years older than the on-ice age group they are helping with, whichever is greater. For age groups U11 and above, on-ice help from an older rostered SHMHA player will be limited to two (2) per team, per practice. For age groups of U5 to U9 the Coach will use their discretion on the appropriate number of player helpers needed. Any SHMHA player volunteers that participate as goalies must wear full goalie equipment while helping on-ice.

In the event the participation, behaviours, or actions of the SHMHA player volunteer places the safety and wellbeing of the practicing players at risk, it is the responsibility of the coaching staff to address appropriately including up-to removal as an on-ice helper.

Additional on-ice help will be limited to rostered coaching personnel, registered volunteers 18 years of age and older, and existing SHMHA players.