Evaluations (South Huron Minor Hockey)


All evaluation announcements (including important individual division information) will be posted on the Evaluation Schedule page.

Pathway Skates

'Pathway Skates' may be added on the evaluation schedule depending on age division/season - these skates are open to all registered players in each division and are FREE of charge. These skates are NOT being evaluated.

 Dates for Pathway skates for each division will be noted on the Evaluation Schedule page where applicable. 


We are asked that you indicate on the registration form your intention to attend evaluations by simply stating yes or no in the specified field. If a player changes his/her mind at the time of evaluation they will still be permitted to attend the evaluation this is just a guideline to help determine how much ice time is needed for each division.

  • The cost for evaluations will be $50 CASH and will be collected at the time of the first evaluation. All returning players must be registered to attend evaluations.

  • If you are attending evaluations for more than one age division, the $50 will be charged each time.

  • Any player wishing to play Tier 2 (when there is a Tier 3) is advised to attend the Tier 1 evaluation but it is not mandatory. A onetime $50 fee applies for both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 evaluations.

  • Players are guaranteed 2 on ice sessions (2 skates or 1 skate + 1 game) if starting with Tier 1 evaluations (which is recommended). If staring with Tier 2, players are guaranteed 1 skate.

  • Players coming from another centre MUST bring a signed Permission to Skate form from their home centre.  Players coming from another centre who are offered a position on a SHMHA team for the upcoming season are required to pay a non-refundable registration deposit of $300 in order to secure their roster spot.


Any girls interested in attending evaluations will need to register on RAMP: http://southhurongh.rampregistrations.com/participant

After logging into RAMP, click Register as a Participant

The next screen will appear and you will select your player's name and the division they are trying out for in 2024-25 (note, in the first dropdown the season is listed as 2023-24). 

Divided Groups for Evaluations

Evaluation Skates may be divided alphabetically depending on registration numbers - please be sure to have your player attend the correct skate. Intersquad games will include all players attending evaluations. For divisions with 2 back to back intersquad games scheduled, rosters will be posted approximately 48 hours ahead of the game time and will be divided alphabetically by position. Be sure your player attends the correct session.

Goalie Attendance at Evaluations

Goalies are asked to attend all skates for your division as well as the Goalies Only sessions, unless directed otherwise.

Players Selections for Continuing Evaluation Process

Players selected to continue in the evaluation process after the first 2 sessions will be listed on the team home page (follow the links below to the team pages).

 Players not listed are asked to follow the next tier schedule - Tier 2 or 3.

What are evaluations? Why would my child want to attend?

If your child decides to attend evaluations, they would be evaluated for a position on one of SHMHA’s Representative/Competitive hockey teams.  Only those that are evaluated for a Representative/Competitive team will pay the evaluation fee and be allowed to attend the evaluations.

As an Association we have certain expectations for our Rep/Competitive Players. We expect each of them to be highly motivated team players, willing to take direction from their coaching staff and to dedicate as much time, effort and self control, both on and off the ice, as is required for each hockey game and practice. 

Each coach has different coaching techniques and in a game situation they may chose to use power play lines and shorten the bench.  A coach may choose to do this in tight games, play downs, play offs or in a tournament.  If your child would not want to be a member of one of these teams, there is no obligation to try out. Please refer to our policy posted on the website Policy and Procedures tab, Policy #4 “Playing Time” for more information.

If team numbers allow for a Tier 2 team where there are 3 or more teams in your child’s division, this team is considered a Representative team and the player must attend evaluations if they wish to play on the Tier 2 team.

If playing Representative/Competitive Hockey is not for your child, he/she can play on one of our “local league” or “House League” teams, where there is less focus on winning and more on skill development, effort and learning to be part of a team.  Each level in boy’s hockey will have a local league team that plays in the Lambton Middlesex Hockey League and for girls when registration numbers allow for multiple teams in a division they will play in the Western Ontario Girls Hockey League.

NOTE: If chosen to be on a team, the player is committed to that team – there will be no backing out.  Representative hockey is a lot of fun for the right child and the right parent.