Fundraising Policy (South Huron Minor Hockey)

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Fundraising – Association Level

It is the policy of SHMHA to endeavor to keep hockey as affordable as possible for its players and families. As such, fundraising activities and sponsorship opportunities from local businesses may be needed in order to mitigate cost escalation. Players and/or players families will be asked to participate in fundraisers that benefit the association as a whole.

Fundraising – Team Level

No team shall seek or accept any corporate donations directly for the benefit of their team. All corporate donors shall be directed to the Director of Sponsorship so that the donation will benefit all members.

Any proposed SHMHA team fundraising activities must be approved in advance by the SHMHA Executive. Proposals are to be submitted to the Executive, outlining the planned fundraising for inclusion at the next Executive meeting.

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Team fundraising activities will not be approved to be run during any SHMHA Fundraising events.

Fundraising activities will not be permitted to compete with any other SHMHA or SHMHA team function or activity.

Team fundraising activities are not to use SHMHA logos or be advertised broadly to the public which may cause confusion with other association events.

Finances - Team Level

All Monies associated with each SHMHA team will be dispersed solely for those players and that team, with the South Huron Minor Hockey Association best interest in mind, and with the parent’s knowledge and consent.

No team official shall receive any remuneration or profit directly or indirectly from their position on the team

Any surplus funds raised by team parents that are remaining at the end of the season shall be returned to the team parents and or players in an equitable way. The parents must be made aware of the disposition of the end-of-season surplus and approve of the distribution.