Fundraising Policy (South Huron Minor Hockey)

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Fundraising – Association Level

 It is the policy of SHMHA to endeavor to keep hockey as affordable as possible for its players and families. As such, fundraising activities and sponsorship opportunities from local businesses may be needed in order to mitigate cost escalation. Players and/or players families will be asked to participate in fundraisers that benefit the association as a whole.   


Fundraising – Team Level

 For the purpose of this policy, we would like to note that fundraising refers only to activities that involve members of the public or persons other than player families. We understand that there are several collections made within teams and we do not intend to regulate those at this time.

 Individual teams may wish to fundraise in order to offset tournament registration costs. We feel that this is the only appropriate fundraising goal. It should not be the intent to have team fundraisers subsidize the cost of the registration for the players of any team. Further, no team shall accumulate in excess of the actual team tournament registration expenses.

 It should be made clear at a parent meeting prior to any fundraising that you are fundraising as a team. This must also be made clear to the people who are supporting any fundraiser.

 You may not use the South Huron Minor Hockey Association as the organization for the fundraiser if the proceeds are not going to the whole organization. A specific team and the purpose of fundraising needs to be indicated.

 A team must consider when fundraising that they are in the eye of the public. Therefore, proper conduct in all activities must be followed at all times. Only quality items should be considered when choosing a fundraising item.

 No lotteries or draws are permitted at the team level due to licensing requirements.

 No donations shall be sought (business or personal) at the team level.

 Once a team has determined that they would like to fundraise, a written request must be submitted to SHMHA executive for approval prior to the start of any activities. (The request should include information on the fundraiser itself, anticipated income and intended expense. Teams must then submit a report on the actual income and expense once completed.

The application form can be downloaded from below and filled out. Once completed, please email request to 

Jocelyn Steckle
[email protected]


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