Police Record Check Policy (South Huron Minor Hockey)

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All individuals holding the titles of coach, assistant coach, trainer, assistant trainer, manager, on ice official and anyone else determined by the South Huron Minor Hockey Executive shall be subject to Criminal Record Checks which include the Vulnerable Sector Screening and a search of the National Sex Offender Registry.

*South Huron Minor Hockey will create a personalized letter for you to bring to the local police station to have the check generated at no cost.

South Huron Minor Hockey requires all police record checks to be completed and returned to the designated executive member for review by November 15th of each current hockey season. Failure to return this report by the deadline without adequate reasoning will result in immediate suspension. It is the responsibility of each person completing the check to notify the designated executive member of a possible delay due to extraordinary circumstances which will be assessed on a case by case basis. 

*Individuals with outstanding Criminal Code convictions or who have been charged with such offences that have not yet gone to trial but which continue to be prosecuted, shall not be eligible to hold positions.

Offences which deem the Individual ineligible to participate in any capacity
    *Assault with a weapon
    *Causing Bodily Harm
    *Aggravated Assault
    *Sexual Assault
    *Sexual Interference
    *Sexual Exploitation
    *Invitation to Sexual Touching
    *Making, Distributing or possessing child pornography
    *Current prohibitions or probation orders forbidding the individual to have contact with children under the age of 14
    *Indictable criminal offences for child abuse
    *Luring a child
    *Possession for the purpose of trafficking
    *Production of a substance (as defined in the C.D.S.A.)
    *Any other offences pertaining to violence, whether or not involving weapons
A window of time for the exclusion for the above offences will not be considered.

All other Offences which may cause disqualification from participation will be reviewed by South Huron Minor Hockey Association 2nd Vice Chair and Disciplinary Committee.

South Huron Minor Hockey will appoint a designated member for the collection and retention of criminal record checks. The checks will remain secured in a safe storage.

Checks are required for the first season. Checks are required every 4th year thereafter. Criminal offence declaration forms are to be completed for the 2nd and 3rd years.