Volunteer Sign Up and Job Descriptions (South Huron Minor Hockey)

PrintVolunteer Sign Up and Job Descriptions

For details on volunteer requirements, visit the Participatory Requirement page.


How to Sign-up for your Volunteer Shift

  • Parents who wish to do so, may create an account on the sign up genius website in advance of the initial shift selection. This can be done on the Sign Up Genius website. 
  • Parents/Guardians will be able to sign up for positions and dates of their choosing on a first come, first serve basis in October.
  • The date that the sign up link will be published is circulated to members and posted on the homepage. Once the link is live, a notice is posted on the homepage with the direct link.
  • Shift lengths will vary from 4-7 hours and duties will be similar to previous years (set up, arena helper, registration desk, scorekeeper, timekeeper).
  • The scheduled times for these shifts will not selected until a tournament schedule is completed which is usually 1-2 weeks ahead of the tournament. Time slot selection is done via email, NOT Sign Up Genius, AFTER time slots have been posted to the website.
  • Once time slots are posted for each tournament, parents will send an email to [email protected] with their preferred shift and the schedule will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Final schedules will be posted under the Volunteer tab for each tournament.
  • If a change of shift needs to be made, it is up to the parent/family to find someone to make that switch with. Once any shifts have been changed, send notification of the change to [email protected] so the schedule can be adjusted.

South Huron Tournaments

Please note that we host the following tournaments with volunteering opportunities: 

Volunteer Job Descriptions

  • *NEW* U18 players will be allowed to fulfill their own required hours with TIME CLOCK SHIFTS ONLY. Player MUST be familiar with the clock in all arenas in order to do so. All other shifts will still need to be fulfilled by those over 18.

Volunteer Job


 Time Clock

  • Running the clock for games – please note the clock is slightly different at each arena. You will need to know in advance of your shift, at your chosen arena ahead of time how to run the time clock. Please arrange to practice by assisting at one of your league games.

  • Help track Points with scorekeeper

  • Ensure game sheets are signed.

  • Bring Game sheets to Registration desk and/over convenor.

  • Pick up sheets for next game.

Game Sheet/Score keeper

  • Complete the game sheet - fills out goals, penalties etc.

  • If there are referee instructions that you do not understand, please ask the referee questions so that it is written down properly on the game sheet.

  • Ensure Sign game sheets after referee does at the completion of each game.

  • Tally Points on sheet during Game (i.e. Points per period)

  • Bring Point sheet to Registration desk.

Registration Desk/Runner

  • Welcome teams as they arrive

  • Direct teams to proper change rooms.

  • Ensure teams sign gamesheets upon arrival

  • Collection of gate fees (if applicable)

  • Sales of tournament books

First shift of the day/tournament will need to register teams as they arrive:

  • Confirm all paperwork has been submitted
  • OMHA roster (unless marked submitted already)
  • Travel Permit (unless marked submitted already)
  • Contact name and Number for tournament weekend.

Each Game the following is required:

  • Have Coaches from each team fill out game sheets
  • Each game sheet- Bench staff must sign, initial if there is or not OT
  • Distribute player of the game awards for each game
  • Assist teams with any questions or concerns that they may have.

An Arena convenor will be at the venue each day … arena convenors will be available to answer questions related to rules. Arena convenors will post all game results on the scoreboards at each venue (OR, they may choose to delegate that duty to an arena helper). 

  • Arena convenor may delegate entering of scores on the score board …
  • Clock operators and scorers – DO NOT be afraid to ask referees to clarify calls on the ice …
  • If available, please do use the PA system to announce goals and penalties whilst scoring or clock operating …
  • For each tournament, when teams register (their first game) there will be Gatorade to hand out to that team’s designate for distribution to the team and there may be other “swag” to be handed out also at registration (further instructions will be provided) …
  • Arena convenors will look after paying referees
  • OF KEY IMPORTANCE … volunteers please arrive early enough before the scheduled duties begin so as to familiarize yourselves with procedures (speak with their predecessors)