SHMHA Constitution (South Huron Minor Hockey)

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updated September 2, 2020

Mission Statement

At South Huron Minor Hockey Association we are dedicated to developing each athlete to his/her full potential in a secure, stimulating and enjoyable environment.


  • to promote, govern and improve organized amateur hockey from Pre-tyke through Juvenile for children as a division of the OMHA and OWHA by authority of the Canadian Hockey Association
  • to promote a sense of community among the players, families, sponsors and fans
  • to maintain and increase interest in the game of hockey
  • to foster the development of the players both athletically and socially through fair play
  • to have and exercise a general care, supervision and direction over the playing interest of its players and teams
  • to provide an environment which enhances self-concept and promotes positive selfesteem within each player
  • it is not the intent of this organization to make a profit but to operate and maintain a feasible capital to operate and meet aforementioned goals

Article 1.

(a) This organization shall be known as the South Huron Minor Hockey Association Inc.

(b) This Constitution of South Huron Minor Hockey Association shall not be altered except at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special General Meeting called at the discretion of the Executive and notice of the proposed alteration shall be given to the Secretary at least two weeks before the day of the meeting and he/she shall notify the Executive of the proposed changes. An amendment to this Constitution shall be made only at an AGM or Special Meeting and by two-thirds majority of the members voting thereon.

Article 2.

(a) Voting membership in S.H.M.H.A. shall be open to the officers and members of the Executive Committee, players 19 years of age and over, parents and/or guardians of players in good standing with our Association. Each member will be entitled to one vote each at the AGM

(b) Life Members of both previously separate organizations of STMH and EMHA

(c) Honorary Members

(d) Board of Directors

(e) Other elected and appointed officials


The by-laws of the Association shall be the working rules of the Executive Committee and can be amended by a majority vote of the membership.

By-Law 1.

(a) The Executive shall consist of Chairperson, Past Chairperson2 Vice- Chairs, Treasurer, Registrar, Secretary, Shamrock League Rep., L/M League Rep., W.H.L Rep., and a minimum 6 Directors.

(b) A quorum shall consist of 9 members.

(c) The Executive shall appoint all Honorary Members and Committee Chairs.

(d) The Executive shall have control of the affairs S.H.M.H.A. Inc. and shall have power to fill any vacancy which may occur in its numbers and to amend or alter the regulations of the association and of any house league or championship competition.

(e) The executive shall have power to suspend or discipline any coach, manager, player, trainer, referee or other official connected with the Association.

(f) An executive member missing three meetings in a row will be contacted as to his/her intentions.

By-Law 2. Specific Duties of Officers & Officials

Specific Duties of Officers & Officials


The Chairperson, within the jurisdiction of S.H.M.H.A., shall have all the powers of the Chairperson of the Association and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, shall have the powers to:

(a) Call and preside at all meetings.

(b) Sign as a signing officer for the Association.

(c) Exercise the powers of the Executive in case of emergency.

(d) Suspend club teams or players, subject to ratification at the next executive meeting.

(e) Sit on all Committees as an ex-offico voting member.

Past Chairperson:

The Past Chairperson will assist the Executive as a consultant on issues of the S.H.M.H.A.. This position is filled by the past chairperson. He/she will act as a liason between SHMHA executive and any team advancing in the OMHA playdowns.

Vice-Chair: 1st

In the absence of the Chairperson or in the event of his/her inability to act, the Vice-chairs shall have and exercise all the powers of the chairperson and shall at all times be an ex-offico voting member of all committees. He or she shall be one of the four signing officers for the S.H.M.H.A.

(a) He/she shall be the official liaison between the S.H.M.H.A. Inc. and all teams.

(b) He/she shall be the official liaison between S.H.M.H.A. Inc. and the Jr. Development League Team.

(c) He/she shall be the official Chair of the S.H.M.H.A. Inc. Coaches Committee.

(d) Member of the coaches committee.

Vice-Chair: 2nd

In the absence of the Chairperson and the 1st Vice-Chair or in the event

of their inability to act, the 2nd Vice-Chair shall have and exercise all the

powers of the Chairperson. He or she shall be one of the four signing officers for

the S.H.M.H.A.

(e) He/she shall be responsible for receiving and certifying all players’ certificates and team rosters on behalf of S.H.M.H.A. Inc.

(f) He/she shall be the official chair of the SHMHA Discipline Committee and will present a written report for all SHMHA meetings.

(g) He/she shall provide official Team Rosters to the Treasurer and Registrar by October 15 of each hockey season to enable cross-referencing of Registered players vs. actual players.

(h) Member of the coaches committee


(a) The Treasurer shall keep a record of all moneys received and disbursed, shall deposit all moneys in the Bank, shall make all disbursements by cheque.

(b) Shall present at each annual meeting, a report of the year's operation.

(c) Shall present mini reports at the request of the Chairperson.

(d) Shall serve on the budget committee.

(e) Shall be one of the four signing officers for the Association.

(f) Shall have the books reviewed annually by a committee appointed by the Executive.


The Secretary shall perform all general secretarial duties and attend all


(i) He/she shall report to the Executive on such matters that they so direct and all other matters he/she feels to be of importance.

(j) He/she shall publish the notice of the Annual Meeting at least three weeks before the meeting.

(k) He/she shall notify the Executive and other Hockey personnel of the time, location and date of meetings. He/she shall be the recording secretary for all subcommittees of the SHMHA.

(l) He/she shall be the official chair of the SHMHA Nominating Committee.

Shamrock League Rep.

(a) He/she shall be the liaison between S.H.M.H.A. and the Shamrock League and the Ontario Minor Hockey Association.

(b) He/she shall attend all Shamrock League meetings.

(c) He/she shall be responsible for all Shamrock league and O.M.H.A. trophies and plaques in S.H.M.H.A. possession.

(m) He/she shall approve all schedules, exhibition and tournament games.

(n) Member of the coaches committee.

Lambton/Middlesex League Rep.

(a) He/she shall be the liaison between S.H.M.H.A and the L/M League

(b) He/she shall attend all L/M League meetings.

(c) He/she shall be responsible for all L/M league trophies and plaques in S.H.M.H.A. possession.

(o) He/she shall approve all schedules, exhibition and tournament games.

(p) Member of the coaches committee.

Women's Hockey League Rep.

(a) He/she shall be the liaison between S.H.M.H.A. and the Ontario Women's Hockey League.

(b) He/she shall attend all Women's Hockey League meetings.

(c) He/she shall be responsible for all Women's Hockey League trophies and plaques in S.H.M.H.A. possession.

(q) He/she shall approve all schedules, exhibition and tournament games.

(r) Member of the coaches committee.


He/she shall look after all player registrations for S.H.M.H.A. to insure that all information and payments are received. He/she shall report a total registration to the Coaches committee and executive in a timely manner so that appropriate numbers of teams can be formed.


Directors 1 through 9 will sit as Chairs for the following:
Manager, Fundraising Chair, Tournament Committee Chair, Hockey School Chair, Hockey Parents Chair, Alt Shamrock League Rep, Alt L/M League Rep and Alt W.H.L. Rep., Web–site Administrator


appointments will be made by the Executive.

By-Law 3.

(a) The annual Meeting of S.H.M.H.A. shall be held prior to April 30 in every calendar year.

(b) All meetings of the Executive shall be at the call of the Chairperson, except as outlined under item C below.

(c) At the request of three Executive members, the Chairperson shall call a special meeting. No subject shall be discussed or considered at any special meeting, except that specified in the notice.

(d) Changes or amendments to the Constitution may be made only at the AGM or Special Meeting (see Art. 1) by a two-thirds vote of members present and voting.

(e) The Executive shall appoint coaches, managers and other team or league officials. Those appointments to be for one playing season only.

(f) Each team to have approval to attend O.M.H.A. approved tournaments. Maximum to be set by the Executive.

(g) No change in league affiliation may be made without approval of the general membership.

(h)The Association reserves the right in the case of extreme circumstances (such as a public health emergency in which Federal, Provincial, or Local health directives and/or limitations exist), to take all necessary measures to protect the health and safety of all players, team personnel, and any applicable volunteers by acting outside of any existing Policies or Bylaws with the concurrence of a majority vote from the Executive.

(i) In Circumstances where a Public Health Emergency exists, the Association with a majority vote from the Executive can make decisions on behalf of the membership related to team composition, coach selection, league affiliation, and any other operational or governance decisions to protect the sustainability of the Association and the wellbeing of all participants.

(j) All decisions made by the Executive during which a Public Health Emergency exists will take into consideration the opportunity to find consistency with respective Provincial League (OMHA and OWHA) mandates and direction.

(k) In situations where a decision by the Executive cannot be obtained, the decision of the Chair shall be final.

By-Law 4. Voting

(a) The following shall be eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting

(1) All members

(2) Life members and honorary members

(3) Past Chairperson

(4) Executive Officers

(5) Committee Members

(6) Appointed Chairs

(7) Coaches and managers of each team.

(b) There shall be no proxy votes.

(c) No person shall have more than one vote.


(a) Each member shall have the privilege of nominating a representative for each elected office of S.H.M.H.A. Inc. Subject to the following provisions:

(1) A Nomination shall not be accepted for the office of Chairperson who has not served on the Executive prior to his/her nomination.

(2) A Nomination shall not be accepted for office of Vice-Chair who has not served on the Executive or as a convener, or a committee prior to his/her nomination.

(3) All nominations are to be handled by a committee.

Those to be elected to Executive:


  1. Chairperson
  2. Past - Chairperson
  3. 1st Vice-Chair
  4. 2nd Vice-Chair
  5. Treasurer
  6. Secretary


  1. Director of Registration – Boys
  2.  Director of Registration – Girls
  3. Shamrock League Rep.
  4. Lambton Middlesex League Rep
  5. OMHA Rep
  6. OWHA Rep
  7. WOGHL Rep
  8. Lower Lakes Rep

Associate Directors (minimum 6 positions, as listed or as needed)

  1. Director of Tournaments
  2. Director of Volunteers
  3. Director of Sponsorship
  4. Director of Equipment
  5. VSS Director
  6. Photography Co-ordinator
  7. Policy and Procedure
  8. Web Master
  9. Tyke Convenor
  10. Tax receipts

(4/5) Officers and Past President will be elected for two year terms and allowed to serve eight consecutive years in any one position.

Directors will stand for election as numbered, with odd numbers in odd years and even numbers in even years or as positions become vacant.

By-Law 5.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP is the highest honor that can be bestowed by S.H.M.H.A. and it is awarded only for very distinctive service to

S.H.M.H.A. Life members shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of S.H.M.H.A. by a two-thirds majority of the members voting thereon. A life member shall have full voting rights at all regular and annual meetings.