Coaching Requirements (South Huron Minor Hockey)

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Bench Staff

  • Head Coaches are to select a bench staff that will be suitable for the team. Once selected, a list of bench staff will need to be submitted for executive approval as well as review of qualifications. Each position has specific requirements to be met as provided by Hockey Canada (see Qualifications section below).
  • Teams can have a minimum of 2 or up to a maximum of 5 bench staff divided between qualified coaches and trainers. You must have at least one qualified head coach and one trainer.
    • It is suggested you have an assistant coach and assistant trainer to allow for coverage in the event of illness, holidays or suspensions.
    • You may also include 1 manager in the 5 bench staff – the manager will only need to be rostered if you plan to use them on the bench. In this case there would be required courses (along with a VSS check).
  • If the manager is beyond your maximum of 5 and will not be used on the bench (i.e., will be completing administrative tasks and not on ice/bench help), rostering is not required.
  • Teams are not required to use all rostered staff on the bench at all times – your coaching plan may only have 3 in the bench, but it is still recommended you roster 5 to have backups available.
  • A minimum of one coach and one trainer is required for any on ice activity (practices and game play included).
  • Should you not have a trainer available for a game, you can arrange to share a trainer with the opposing team. It is possible your trainer may be asked to do the same. Should this happen, the trainer will need to sign in on both sides (home and visitor) of the gamesheet and attend to any injuries for both teams. Failure to complete this step could result in a suspension for the head coach.
  • Should the head coach be unavailable for a game and the assistant coach is filling in, be sure to adjust the positions listed on the game sheet to reflect this.
  • A list of required qualifications for each position can be found on the Team Official tab on the website. All qualifications must be completed prior to being rostered.
NEW for 2024/2025 - Head Coach to submit bench staff contact information using the following form


  • A list of required qualifications for bench staff can be found on the website under the Team Officials tab, Coaching Requirements as well as on the OWHA website.
  • Information on how to registers for OWHA coaching clinics is available on the OWHA website, under the Bench Staff tab.
    Bench staff will register and pay for courses out of pocket. Once all required training for the season is complete, please submit your receipt, certificate of completion to your division coordinator.

Send certification of completion and receipt to the appropriate Division Coordinator:

U7 – Shannon Veldman ([email protected])
U9 Girls – Justine Clarke ([email protected])
U11 – U18 – Shonyn Coward ([email protected])

VSS (Vulnerable Sector Screening)

A current VSS is required for all bench staff rostered to SHMHA teams. The check is valid for 3 seasons and years 2 and 3 will require a declaration form be signed to be valid. VSS checks can now be submitted online. Instructions and required forms will be provided to you via email and must be completed and returned by Nov 15, 2023.

Email for VSS Contact:
Jacquee Leppington ([email protected])