Boys Coaches Manual (South Huron Minor Hockey)

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These are kids

This is a game

We are all volunteers

Referees are human

This is not the NHL

Respect the game

 And make sure the kids have fun

2021-2022 Coaching Information Package

Congratulations on being selected as coaches and representing South Huron Minor Hockey!

Coaching Responsibilities

- It is mandatory that coaches and on-ice helpers wear helmets on the ice during practice.

- Be responsible for developing and maintaining an awareness of good conduct among their team members while in competition and instilling good sportsmanship while teaching hockey skills.

- Shall attend or be represented at all scheduled games, practices, and coach’s meetings.

- Shall ensure all participants on his or her team receive a reasonable share of ice time and instruction for each game and practice.

- Shall respect the authority of the Board of Directors of the South Huron Minor Hockey Association.

- Be responsible for the actions of all team players and bench personnel and are subject to the disciplinary committee for rulings.

- Be responsible to report to the Board any suspicion of illegal substances on the premises.

Manager Responsibilities

It is the manager’s responsibility to collect and submit any required items from team participants as the season requires. This can include items such as paperwork or cheques.

Jersey’s – It is the manager’s responsibly to ensure all are returned at the end of the season with any notation of what shirts are missing and the player that is responsible.

Time keeper and score keeper – you are to ensure these duties are scheduled for each home game and that proper education has been provided.

Volunteer hours – ensure that every parent understands the process as it is online and that they have to sign up for a shift(s). You may need to remind them to avoid conflict with away games of their child. Our volunteer coordinator this season is Kelly Smale.

Ice Scheduling                   Brian Horner                         [email protected]

Schedules that have been received have been entered & linked to website

If teams have a game away on a date they have a practice these times will be offered to others unless notified that they wish to keep (shared practices are of the exception). Please do not start switching practices without the ice convenor being notified as the times may already be used to reschedule a game. (Some of you have early Saturday practice times and later games away unless notified these time slots may be offered as well)

In regards to tournaments I ask teams to go through their schedules ASAP & identify home games/practice that will not be using and let the ice convenor & league rep know so that they can be rescheduled ASAP (Away games notify league rep)

Cancelling ice – SHMHA has contract ice with the municipality from Oct to Feb. Sufficient notice of at least two weeks should be given to the ice convenor to allow for redistribution (weather may cause this notice to be different). This is important for games so refs & door can also be cancelled.

1 representative per team will be responsible to contact for ice changes. Please put the team & game # in the email description if possible.

Additional Ice Time

This year we have blocked ice for the purpose of power skating and/or additional practice time for teams. A schedule will be drafted shortly and posted on the website. The intent of this ice is for practice, however, if absolutely necessary could be used for a game.

Renting additional ice time with personal funds (which includes using Shinny ice as a non-optional practice) is not allowed as there is no insurance coverage if someone were to get injured. Extra ice cannot be mandatory for any player and should not be deemed TEAM skates. If it is proven that ice time during a game is lessened for not attending extra ice practice a 1 game coach suspension may be enforced per incident.

Rosters-Bench Staff           BJ Theophilo poulos            [email protected]          

Rosters -Players                 Kim Kramer   [email protected]

No more than 5 people can be rostered on your bench.

FYI – bench staff must sign in at both home and away games to get in free of charge.

Additional staff can and will be listed on an At Large roster.

Requirements for each position and links for training courses can be found on the website under Coaching Info Tab.

All required training must be complete prior to being added to an official roster.

“AP” system 

Please plan for your affiliated players and fill the roster to full capacity. Forms will need to be fully completed, signed & submitted prior to using any AP’s in game play. You WILL need these additional players at some time during the year.


Please select your tournaments early, a lot of them fill up quickly, and when you have confirmation that you are in, please let your league rep and Brian Horner know as your home ice time can then be used by another team.

SHMH does not pay for any team tournaments.

SHMH hosts 4 tournaments, Bill Batten (rep teams), Silver Stick (AE teams and U15/U18 HL/LL), Dairy Queen (HL/LL teams) and Pink on the Rink (Girls teams both tier 1, tier 2 and HL) It is strongly advised that you participate in our home tournaments as this is a great opportunity for family to watch and to support your own organization.

You will need an approved roster and a travel permit to attend ANY tournament (including our own).

Approved Roster       BJ Theophilopoulos     [email protected]                                

Travel Permit                                                 Jeff Kerslake [email protected]

As a reminder you will need an approved roster and travel permit for all tournaments you enter as well as any away exhibition games. You will need to email Jeff Kerslake for the travel permit with specific details like sanction # of the tournament, location and dates. Please be advised this process does take time so this request should be made as early as possible.

Equipment                 Paul Grant                 [email protected]  

Goalie equipment is provided by SHMH for younger players. Team sets of jerseys as well as game pucks and trainer kits can be found in each locker. Practice equipment can be found in the practice locker of each arena. Please take care to return any/all used after each practice. Any necessary changes/additional equipment can be requested through Paul.

Electronic Game Sheets             Melanie Bedard         [email protected]          

Both LMLL and Shamrock are using electronic game sheets. If you are new to using or need a refresher, please contact Melanie for assistance. Coaches will each be giving an invitation code for their team allowing them to view and track all game sheets and stats for thwor team. Training links will be available online shortly.

Website                                      Shallon Partridge      [email protected]

All communication to members of the organization will be made through SHMH website. Please encourage your team sign up to the online calendar that gives updates directly to your electronic calendars as there can be changes to the schedule. Go to the team calendar and follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen.

All teams must submit their team contact for web posting. Shallon Partridge will require a name and email address for each team contact person to be granted access to post on the SHMH website.

Vulnerable Sector Check     Jacquee Leppington       [email protected]

SHMH endeavours to create a safe environment for its participants and volunteers therefore all bench staff and on ice help will require a Police Vulnerable Sector Check to be completed. This VSS is intended to minimize the risk to the participants and volunteers and to minimize the exposure for the association.

Fundraising                                     Jocelyn Steckle      [email protected]

It is the policy of SHMHA to endeavour to keep hockey as affordable as possible for its players and families. As such, fundraising activities and sponsorship opportunities from local businesses may be needed in order to mitigate cost escalation. Players and/or players families may be asked to participate in fundraisers that benefit the association as a whole.

A policy on team level fundraising has been published online along with the application process that must be completed prior to starting any activities. No lotteries or draws are permitted.

Volunteering                                    Leann Dobson              [email protected]

SHMHA hosts 4 home tournaments and the funds raised represent a large portion of our budget each season. Please ensure your team is aware of and understands our policy online. A volunteer shift is required for each player registered. There are no exemptions from this requirement other than opting out (with payment) which must be done at the start of the season. For information on this option, please contact Leann Dobson.

Contact Information

Chair - Darren Kints                                           [email protected]

1st Vice: Steve Farquhar                                    [email protected]

2nd Vice Boys: BJ Theophilopoulos                      [email protected]

2nd Vice Girls: Charlie Rau                                 [email protected]

Treasurer: Shonyn Coward                                 [email protected]

Secretary: Mel Bedard                                     [email protected]

Ice Scheduling: Brian Horner                              [email protected]

OMHA Rep: Jeff Kerslake                                    [email protected]      

Shamrock Rep: Bryon Ellerington                        [email protected]

Lambton Middlesex Rep: Mike McLellan               [email protected]

Volunteer Coordinator: Leann Dobson                   [email protected]

Electronic Game Sheets: Melanie Bedard             [email protected]

Equipment Coordinator: Paul Grant                      [email protected]

Webmaster Contact: Shallon Partridge                [email protected]

Team Fundraising: Jocelyn Steckle                      [email protected] 

Travel Permits: Jeff Kerslake                              [email protected]

Approved Rosters: BJ Theophilopoulos                  [email protected]